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The “Digital Access Pass” includes:
- all 11 years of the Resuscitation Conference videos!
- Advanced Boot Camps (Critical Care & Cardiovascular bootcamps)
- 2017 Resuscitation main conference & Critical Care bootcamp (available 4/30/2017)

Special price $249 ($100 off the regular pricing)

Enjoy now!

Watch a free sample lecture from the Access Pass below:

In addition, bundled with this Access Pass subscription, is great content from some of the top conferences around the country including:

  • USC Trauma & Critical Care
  • Cedars-Sinai Emergency Medicine Symposium
  • UCSF High Risk Emergency Medicine
  • LSU Critical Concepts in Emergency Medicine
  • Ultrasound series
  • Pediatrics
  • EKG Course
  • Virtual Procedure course
  • Airway & Sedation
  • Tips & Tricks in Emergency Medicine
  • Trauma series package

This 12 month subscription includes access to >1500 streaming lectures, downloadable videos, audio mp3s and is viewable by web browser and on mobile devices (Apple iOS  & Android). Select enduring online CME is also included. Service provided via